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Friday, 02 September 2005


Erudite Redneck

9/11 knocked me to the right.
This brought me home.

Erudite Redneck

This hell on earth, I mean. Not that you aren't eloquent and on point. :-)


This particular drama we are living thru vicariously/gazing at from behind slightly opened fingers is tailor made to drive those of us on the left mad. It grabs us in so many ways:

Open and unapologetic class warfare in the design of the evacuation plan.

Overt racism in the reporting, policing, and analysis of the disaster.

A sexist, ageist, inhuman assumption that many women, the old, and the ill were not important enough to be bothered with

Unbelievable bureaucatic bumbling in the failure of the whole FEMA phantom. So complete it's hard not to drink the conspiracy kool-aid

The whole Bushian tragedy of a bunch of illegitimately empowered thugs taking control of our government and proceding to loot the country for their chronies, in the process rendering it useless to serve its citizens.

This DAMNED direct access to the sights and sounds of the victims drowning (sometimes literally) in their desperation played as if they were on an episode of reality TV.

All of this pulls us in and at the same time we are separated by distance and time and that pulls us away from any real chance at influencing the horror we see.

I'm sure there is something dreadfully relevent in McLuehan about all of this, but I'm way too tired to be able to dredge it out of my head now.

Suffice it to say, you are not alone in your experience of weariness and hopelessness over all this.

Not that that is much comfort....


You felt guilty because you had a a warm meal and a shower? Poor, guilty white liberal. How much money did you send? What did you give, other than a five minute rant on how much you hate the President? What are your solutions? Ideas? Do you bring anything to table other than edited cuss words and liberal meta-speak? Nope. Nada. Zip. Nothing.

If 30,000 people die in New Orleans because of the storm, it will be no loss to this country as a whole. 30,000 die today,and in ten weeks, that number will be replaced by people scaling the fence. More criminals.

It was a storm. A weather front. Caused by nature. Period. Terrorism is a conscious decision. Floodwaters are an act of, well, earth. Comparing the two is asinine.

Blaming the Leader of the free world will not bring you solace or comfort. It makes you sound foolish, like an angry kid who barks his shin on the coffee table and then yells at the furniture. At least you don't like the Democrats either. I guess that's a point for you.

The people who died were the least fit to live -- Social Darwinism at its finest. The looters are nothing more than criminals, and the survivors were those who spent their hard-earned money on something more than crack and jewlery for their seven children born out of wedlock.

I hope this tears this country apart. I want to see more violence, more shooting, more death. It had to go sooner or later, what with all the voices of dissention among the ranks. Bring it on.

Let's see what we are all made of.


My, sombody forgot to take their meds this morning.

If you seek this holy violence so badly, maybe you should join a merry band of mercs in Irag and torture a few prisoners. That is if you can find the time between playing your spooky video games and having sex with yourself in the dark to the sound of loud incomprehensible death rock.

Why is it always the ones living in their Mom's basement who try to be the scariest? So sad.

What a total tool.


ae, if my response offends you, please delete it. Somedays I just have no patience for the bull shit.....



I feel that I owe you a big, big apology for venting on your turf the way that I just did. This last week has been very difficult for me. How difficult I had not really fathomed until I found myself being nasty mouthed personal all over the blogosphere.

I know, I'm always blathering on about something, but I'm rarely the mean drunk at the party. Well, all this week I've been the guy who is weaving crazily in the corner of the room holding the broken bottle and yelling for folks to bring it on.

It took this extraordinary post from John Scalzi to show me what was happening in my head.

I grew up dirt poor. Gully bottom, coal dust Appalachian poor. Go to bed hunrgy, wake up freezing poor. I don't say this to extract sympathy. It's part of who I am. I offer it as a partial basis for understanding how my mind works.

Through the luck of all of us Ramseys being born smart enough to get scholarships and the great good fortune of having parents who wouldn't give up, in, or out, my sibs and I were able to leave that hollow. But the 'holler' never really left us.

Time and again I find myself at war with this consumerist culture because I have never felt part of it. Money is not a 'thing' to me. It is a process. Sometimes you do it. Sometimes it does you.

But it's rarely around long enough for me to be on a first name basis with it.

Now, why does an accident of birth explain my current anger and snarliness? Well, frankly, it has become starkly obvious to me that it could have been me in the Superdome. My kids, my brothers, my ailing parents, my spouse, my BABY.

Once again the ugly stick part of Amerika has reared its face. The face that sneered at me for being poor, for having bad teeth, for needing glasses and not having the 'sense' to get them. The face that laughed at me for only having one pair of pants to wear to school for the entire sixth grade. The face that snarled about its taxes when I bought the family groceries with food stamps. The face that seriously said I was lucky to be getting such good surplus commodity food from the government. The face that turned away and allowed my Mother to die because we were too poor for preventative medicine.

So forgive me, I'm feeling more than a bit insecure at the moment. Especially because I've been down there in the forgotten cesspit of Amerika where those folks trapped in the Superdome are now, and I've been carrying it on the inside ever since.

And I know with an absolute certainty, in my heart of hearts, that I am just a slip on a random bit of icy pavement from going back there.

So please forgive a frightened and angry old man.


handdrummer, sweetie, you never need apologize. You speak a truth I cannot even access anymore, so far have I buried it beneath purposeful distraction. I want your truth, not some approximation, not something palatable to the masses. When you are angry, be angry. I learn something. You are always welcome to speak your mind, wihtout edits, without apology, as you think hour to hour, here. I would want nothing less. Thank you, as always, for your passion, your eloquence, and, most of all, your humanity. Our friend could learn to take your example.

ER, we need your synaptical firepower on our side, hon. Glad, delighted, relieved (!) to have you back. =D Thank you for the link. I'll see you in a little while over at your place.

Valannin, a response is forthcoming. If you are interested in dialogue, I hope you will stick around long enough to read it.

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