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Thursday, 06 April 2006



That is the funniest picture EVER.

Hooo... as much as I would love to see Boosh take a fall, imagine being the poor schmo that would have to fellate him to get him impeached. I love my country, and tremble for it when I see the course it is being steered, but I don't think I have that kind of fortitude. >;-)


ja, chile, I was thinking the same thing! That is waaaay more than taking one for the team, closing one's eyes and thinking of England (er...), and sacrificing for the good of all. I just assumed it would be one of the idjits who fellates him, figuratively speaking, on a regular basis. Fred Barnes, say. Or Elizabeth Bumiller.


Just hire that net "journalist" to do the deed. He's in the business already, IIRC.


handdrummer, how could I forget Jim/Jeff Gannon/Guckert? He's already familiar w/ White House protocol. Probably still has the official kneepads and everything.

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