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A storm in the form of a girl.


I have a penchant for smartypantses. "More puns, less guns" is my motto, in that I've just this moment made that up. I've killed only one houseplant so far this year --er, last year now-- (while I was on vacation) (Vancouver), so back off. I like parentheticals. I don't know what I will kill (hopefully nothing) on my next vacation (Argentina) (Sapelo Island, GA) (New Orleans, LA) (Key West, FL) (Austin, TX) (Providence, RI) (Asheville, NC) (my couch). Vacations 7, Dead Houseplants 0.

This reminds me: I resolve to detest Donald Rumsfeld with even more fervor this year than last. I resolve, too, to make a clean break from mainstream media, which is poison, which is to say that this blog is for personal musings of the sort not found on the plethora of political blogs to which I would happily contribute if either time or a more sanguine personality allowed. I am a firm believer in the old adage that the personal is political, though, so I may be faced with a conundrum as the "neither the twain shall meet" principle goes. Some cross-pollination is inevitable. (I do wonder at those who can maintain a disinterested posture during this period of national insanity.)

My queendom for a garden tomato. I like to read. I want to go everywhere and touch (most) everything. I love to see my sweetie coming at me through a crowd. My friends are brilliant and they have devised a special secret code written into my DNA to keep me afloat, bless them.

Why arse poetica?

Happy genius?

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art, words, music, food & drink, politics (love/hate), world peace, my dingo, &c. and &c.