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Saturday, 12 February 2005



You and Sally Greene crack me up, talking about that hat! Unable to find a Burberry, I made the wise purchase at DollarSmart. The dollar investment has given me more acclaim than years of writing! Well, not really. But sort of. I need coffee...which is probably obvious. If not something stronger.

Anyway...I'm still reeling from the madcap weekend. Thanks again for the kind words. Hope to see ya next time, but in the meantime I'll be a frequent visitor to your cool and awesomely named blog.

Kind regards,
Dave Beckwith


Great roundup of the events, old school-style. Beats my feeble entry, since I was too tired and still under-motivated due to Red's passing, but I wish I had stood up to contribute more to the media watchdog conversation, since my raised hand was apparently invisible from the floor, lol.

I still think they missed the point that most traffic to your personal blog actually comes from being a frequent poster on larger blogs. That's certainly been my experience, as a result of posting on AmericaBlog and Daily Kos.


Anton Zuiker

Great reporting here. Thanks for the details - I missed some of this as I was keeping the wheels of the bloggercon machine greased. So glad you could join us yesterday.


If I took notes like that, I would not be able to read them! Thanks for a great account of it all. Very nice to meet you, and I hope to do so again one day soon.

Alvin Phillips

The "right-wing twit" you reference is John Hood of the John Locke Foundation. John is actually a great guy, full of wit and kindness. I knew coming into the conference that I would be one of the few Republicans in the room, so I mostly kept silent. I'm always amazed by the vitriolic tone the left takes toward anyone who is not passionately liberal.

I was sitting near WillR and had a chance to talk to him a bit before the conference started. Based on that first impression, I'd be surprised to learn that he was in anyway offended by the "fully-formed human without a blog" quip.


Yes, that last part was indeed in your head! But I quite agree: between concern about my students possibly making accusations about my fairly obvious liberal bias & concern about my colleagues possibly reading my blog & getting bent out of shape, it's amazing I have anything to say at all. Maybe I'll feel more secure in this post-tenure? One can only hope.

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