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Tuesday, 17 May 2005



This is great, ae! Look at all the lovely red and blue states...


Crabletta, I know! This is an issue we can talk about in school, church, the board room, the legislature...and on and on. It affects everyone, and I like Mayor Ryan's advice: if there's a hint of a threat, we've got to act. A Prius in every garage! =D

The Heretik



My next car will be a hybrid. I do love my little Civic, however.

You know what is so stupid? These environment-effing assclowns have to breathe the same air as us tree-hugging hippies. Don't they get that? Or are they too busy snorting coal and deep-throating gas nozzles?


ALEXANDRIA?!! Home of my inlaws. Very red. Must've told 'em Jesus wouldn't come if it was too hot here.


'tik, finally, some good news! =D

crabletta, my next car will definitely be a hybrid. I'm only sad that I had to take the plunge and buy my little car (VW) before the Priuses (Prii?) were readily available. And I would address the "environment-effing assclowns" who are "too busy snorting coal and deep-throating gas nozzles," but I am laughing too effin' hard to type. I (heart) you.

KathyF! Hey, girl! (as we say down South) Too hot for Jesus or no, I'm ready to use whatever bargaining position we can muster, including taking away people's God-given right to sweet tea (perish the thought!) if we have to! Oh, I'm not playin'.


Hey ae, I heart you back. And I finally did the music meme...

Yay hybrids!


damn - forgot the

Cory Storch

CAn anyone steer me to a sample or actual resolution that has been approved by a city. I would like to do the same in my city, Plainfield, NJ

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