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Friday, 06 May 2005



So, is she a real Dingo canine or a Basenji mix? Looks a lot like the latter. :)

Great pics and post!


Hi, Pam! Kate's a Carolina Dog mix (with maybe shephard/cattle dog), but she has some classic dingo features -- eyes, shape of head, ears (kind of, since hers are droopier), teeth, fur, paws. At different times, she's looked like a Basenji, a corgi, a shepherd, and on and on. I may end up turning this blog into a Dingo Diary, because there's so much to say about her. =)


Those eyes! Those eyes! Must look away. Must break free....I am helpless before her.


handdrummer, now you know how I feel. Her powers of persuasion (through beauty) are unparalleled. Hark, is that the sound of a thousand launching ships? =)


I have resently aquaried a lil dingo mix and she is the biggest baby and not a agrsive bone in her body. she is very indpdent though and she is allmost 2 and we have to work on every thing she know what to do but has to have a rseon to do lol


Do I ever understand. Our American Dingo/Husky (I guess because of her soft blue eyes) GiGi is the adored angel of our household. On vacations I think about her constantly and wonder just why it is not ok for her to sit between us on a plane and romp with us in the pools. She is so doted on by our family I can't imagine how she'd cope if she ever strayed away. I've had some awesome pets in my lifetime but this animal has so much soul and spirit. It's hard to think of her as a pet, she's family. She is so smart SHE trains US and I am always a little surprised when she does something doglike such as licking her butt or losing it when she sees her own reflection.

With some medical issues in the household and a troubled 12 yr old stress can get pretty overwhelming. At times like this I can especially appreciate GiGi's unique intelligence and devotion. A few minutes of her funny dingo "conversation", kisses and silky soft fur can lighten a hard day and be a mini vacation in itself.

This is a perfect breed.

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