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Monday, 22 August 2005



More of the faux presidency. His folk don't seem to recognize (or be willing to recognize) that when WJC went on vacation and read McCullough's Adams tome, he wasn't BSing.

Their attempts to bridge the intellect credibility gap are about as successful as those trying to cover up the BS reasons for entering into the Iraq fiasco.


WillR! How the heck are ya? I suppose I expect the shamocracy from these charlatans to exhibit in matters of life and death but this, oh, it just overcooks my grits. What a f*cking obvious, outright, bald-faced lie. Give.Me.A.Break. I just find it offensive, after having to swallow so much of their utter crap, to have this shoved at us, too. Gaaaaahhh. As for Mess O'Potamia, the sheeple are beginning to smell a rat, methinks. Hey, only 5 yrs too late, but whatev. Shamocracy's slow(-witted).


"It's a fair bet that George Bush is the only person in the entire US who chose those three books to read on vacation.

Well, I took the Kurlansky on my winter solstice break two years ago and the Barry just went with me to Scotland. Frankly, nothing in the reams of flack I've read about The Dear Leader would persuade me that he could do more than read the jacket copy of either book without breaking into a cold sweat and causing him to run begging for his brush saw.


ae - I'm going to have some web presence soon as I'm running for Town Council - Chapel Thrill. I'll send you a link once it's duly (dully?) constituted.


handdrummer, you know that li'l weasel is too busy biking or brush-clearing to crack open a book. EVER. Remember all those stories about his staff giving him the Cliffs Notes on the clemency petitions? This asshole couldn't spend 10 minutes reading something to decide a life or death question, and we're supposed to believe he's toting around a book about Alexander II?? Puh-f*cking-leeze. His handlers clearly have no respect for us or for the MSM, cos, like, who's going to call him on this? Pfft. 5 dollahs to the 1st person who snaps a pic of Preznit Preteen actually reading.

WillR, music to my ear--er, eyeballs! And too bad I live in Durham, or you'd have my vote. Actually, I know some folks in Chapel Thrill, and you'll have their votes! =D Really looking forward to your web presence. Don't hold back! Folks need to be learned a thing or two.


i somehow doubt he has actually finished"my pet goat".

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