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Monday, 15 August 2005



She's really cute! They'll have so much fun together.


Diane, Finn's started feeling better last night around 1:30 a.m., so she and Kate had a fine romp in the yard! This morning even better and even cuter. But, lord, she is stinky! =)


awwww! I can hardly bear this much cuteness. And those ears, oh my god. And me with no dog at all, really. I mean, I have to walk all the way across the street to see Stella.


So freaking cute!!!

She will get right into the swing of things. Puppies are very resilient, and living in a great home with dog lovers will help her develop trust. SO SWEET!


alphabitch, if ever you're in the neighborhood, come on down and enjoy some stinkiness for yourself! Honestly, the ears kill me. Right now Finn is sitting below me chewing on her hairbrush; she's got her ears perked, and she looks like a little gremlin w/ blue eyes. Adorable.

Meghan, I was thinking about you today and your story about your baby eating some bad stuff -- we had a moment in the yard today! Ack. Hardly the same thing, but it made me smile.

Sour Duck

One word: cute.

I love the photo with Finn on the pink blanket, she looks so comfy! :)


That is the sweetest photo session I've ever seen on a blog! Thanks!

Erudite RedneckErudite Redneck

Ya know, I grew up on a real farm, where real cows got real dead, where dogs were meant to chase away predators, where cats were meant to maintain a balance of power with the rats in the haybarn, where rabbits were meat and pigs were bacon on the hoof. Not that I didn't love animals. But I just saw the reality of animal husbandry. Know what I mean?

But, the older I get (I'm 41, a meat eater and I think the more extreme animal rights groups are domestic terrorists), the more I love my "companion animals," Riker, my stepdog, and Bailey, our adoptee (and I mean those quote marks honestly, not as a swipe at the concept).

Our Riker is gettin' old and creaky, and sometimes snappy. And poor Bailey is gettin' fat and not-that-active, but Dr. ER and I are tryin' to squeeze as much love into them as we can -- and cuttin' down on their feed!

Today, Ice-T, this dang cat that, as Bird (19-year-old stepgal) puts it, "God gave us," 'cause he just showed up in the front sideyard one day with a shoulder injury and plumb eat UP with fleas, was up on the roof freaking out as I was headed to work. I was able to get the sweet lil critter, small forever for its size 'cause it separated from Mama way too quick, and has imprinted on ME, of all people, to get close enough at a low point on a gutter for me to grab him by his nape and sweep him to safety.

I came home at noon in a rush to pick up some meds I'd forgotten, and the critter was on the roof again, just a cryin' and hollerin' and squallin' -- and I simply did not have time to deal with it, and worried about him all day.

He wasn't in his usual place when I got home tonight, and I was so worried it made me ill. I am a big redneck wuss that way.

He finally whowed up and was SO glad to see me and his supper! I will let him in in a but, and love on him, and try to talk him into stayin' off the roof, 'cause I know his little pads on his feets are sore from the heat of the shingles, I know he was way thirsty bein' up there all day, and I know he was plumb starved when I put his feed out.

All of which is why I love readin' what you write about yer own critters. And danged if I haven't written up a whole post worth of comment! :-)

Cute pup you got there, Miss. :-)


FYI Erudite Redneck: Though one or two extreme animal rights groups have damanged property (which I am opposed to, by the way), none has hurt a person or blown up a building. Our government has labeled them "domestic terror threats," but has not groups who blow up women's clinics and kill doctors domestic terror threats, nor has our government labeled groups who blow up and burn down black churches domestic terror threats.

Our government has also labeled a few environmental groups domestic terror threats. Again, they have damaged property, which is wrong and illegal, but they have blown up no buildings and hurt no people.

It is interesting that the two small groups the government has chosen to give such labels to are groups that threaten huge corporations.

I assume you are eating organic meat. Factory farms are the most obscene groups in the U.S.

Erudite RedneckErudite Redneck

Howdy, Diane.

Didn't say a thing about what the government regards as domestic terrorist groups. I was talking about my own assessment.

I've been in a corporate pig farm, and yer right. They are abominable. Cattle feed lots can be pretty gross, too. Don't know any real way around that, though, if we want to keep feeding ourselves and so much of the rest of the world.

(I admit that one of my most prized possessions is a letter-to-the-editor written to attack me by a PETA drone to the paper I was workin' at, as ag editor, in the early '90s in Texas. It's on my home office wall, right next to the thank-you card I got from the Democratic Party of Georgia for donating 25 bucks, when I really didn't have it, to the campaign of some poor sacrificial lamb they put up against Newt Gingrich about the same time.)

But this post was about doggies, and my comment was about doggies and a kitty. :-)

Shoot, come over to my place if you want an argument. That's what my place is all about. Just don't think you know where my head's at based on one or a few posts. (Some do -- not sayin' you would!) :-)


I don't want an argument other than to simply disagree that groups who have not hurt anyone or put anyone's lives at risk can be classified as "terrorist," despite the fact that their behavior is illegal. I simply don't understand the attribution. I know why the government gives it, but I don't know why anyone else would.

And factory farming could certainly be made much less horrific.

As for what the post was about...I didn't bring up animal rights groups or terrorism. I was just responding to your post.


Sour Duck, I loved that photo, too. And for all the pix I take of the Dingo (frankly, it's a full-time job capturing all that gorgeousness), I'm in danger of taking even more of Finn, especially as we'll only be in this puppy stage for a short while. Lots more cuteness to come!

Keith, thanks for dropping in and for your note! Thanks! I write odes to my pups during the day, but, sadly, I'm always distracted by something else. I'm hoping to up the sweetness quotient over the next couple of weeks. Get ready! =)

Erudite Redneck, howdy! I love your story. More! More! I know you've got another thing going on at the ER Blog, but I think it could accommodate these sweet stories. I'm telling you, no one can resist a redneck weiner dog, and now Ice-T is in the picture! Where is she today?

Diane and ER, my blog has finally come into its own w/ your responding to each other in the comments! I couldn't be more thrilled. You two would have really interesting meetings of the minds, trust me. Thanks to you both for dropping in. Gosh.


NOOOOO! Now there are two cuteous doglings at your house and I have none. Not fair. A protest must be filed. Official inquiries must be dmanded.


What a sweetie.


handdrummer! Welcome back! Since I couldn't go to Scotland, I had to get a new cuteous dogling. I thought it was a fair concession. ;->

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