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Wednesday, 03 August 2005



Thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you, too, and that conversation was a highlight for me; it was only then that i felt truly engaged at BlogHer (a shame that it took me until that late in the day to get over my inhibitions).

I think what Samantha said was that there is power in the word "feminism" because it specifically identifies who the oppressors are, and that unlike the word "racism" for which there are many more than two races, there are (mostly) only two sexes. That's approximately what i remember, anyway — you'll have to ask her for the exact response.


Ping, I wish we'd had a chance to speak after the "Feminism/Politics" BoF meeting, because I really appreciated your being there. I've been reading around, post-BlogHer, and I'm sorry to hear about the "Hello, male" remark. That's wildly unfair, and, frankly, misses the whole point of BlogHer, not to mention feminism.

You sum up Samantha's comment nicely, though I sincerely wish that somehow, some way there had been a recording device afoot to capture that extemporaneous eloquence. And I hope she dials in, but I'd prefer it if she yelled it from the rooftops. =)

Thanks for Regender! It's absorbing and worrisome how challenging it is even to someone accustomed to reading the news w/ a critical eye.

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