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Sunday, 18 September 2005


Josef K

That looks surprisingly cosy for something so hi-tech. But I think I'd prefer an interior with carpets and curtains, all the same.


I see your sweetie didn't make the cut. You will have to send me a postcard!

The Chemist

Can't we be the most imaginative problem solvers, too?

Somebody in a position of power has to care first. Sad but true: they absolutely do not when it comes to helping poor people.

Sorry about not sticking to the distractions theme - those houses are pretty cool, though. I wouldn't mind living in one, especially not in the location they've got that one set up. Very nice.

Erudite Redneck

A Democat over at my place has presented ears for scratchin' and belly for rubbin'! See pix! Below that, see introductory essay!

"Ehh! Ehh!"



Oh, I love this stuff. Absolutely love it.


Oh, no! I would not at all like to live there. It would be like living in an MRI machine.


Josef K, I hear you. A little warm spot for my toes, and a little window cover so I can sleep in, and this place would be perfect!

db, you always make the cut. Sweeties are a given. Now, quit it w/ the fake website!

Chemist, I know, and I can't help but wish JUST ONE of these jerks would get a conscience and start caring about even one little piece of the multitude of difficulties we face. Sigh. You see why I have to go for these little mental-internet escapes.

ER, Ice-T is my kind of democ(r)at!

Hey, Nina! Nice to see you. It's always fun to dream a little, eh? I could go for that view if nothing else.

KathyF, eeeeeeeeek!

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