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Tuesday, 27 September 2005



There is an inverse relationship between adherence to church dogma and tolerance of dissent. When the Puritans came to this land seeking freedom from religious persecution, they meant for themselves only. "With us or against us."


It's a giant step in the wrong direction to a time of a backward and ignorant society. It's medieval is what it is. A good dose of science with a tad of "eastern" patience is what will take us forward. The timeless omnipotent overseer is an embarrassment (to me). It's hindering. It's fear. It's a crutch. It's wrong.


Well said, David and Chuck! These steps backwards are outrageous, and I am hoping that the increasing level of intolerance is too much for most people, who live in much more diverse communities, have gay and interracial family members, benefit directly from scientific advances, etc. Let's hope progress can outstep its enemies.


It's all about social control. The government--now more than ever--wants people to be ignorant and fearful. Hence, we have a color-coded society with a bad educational system. Reagan's dream has come about, and the worker bees are the thousands of churches whose doctrines are not about transcendence and love, but about punishment, black-and-white thinking, condemnation, misogyny, and all-out hatred. They have it "over there," and we have it over here.

What troubles me is that people who are part of spiritual communities that do not buy into this are not speaking loudly--screaming--for their voices to be heard.


Diane, thank you for your thoughtful comments. I always feel a little more sane when you weigh in. That people WANT TO keep others down is so abhorrent an idea, I don't want to think that there are concerted plans to this end (or negligence that results in same). But it's true, and here we are: race- and gay-baiting, attacks on women's physical integrity, more people in poverty, an educational system in shambles. I mean, you'd think we hadn't had a Civil Rights Movement. It's so sad. Now more than ever we need the progressive spiritual communities to find their voice. And quickly!

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