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Tuesday, 25 October 2005


Lance McCord

I'm hearing a lot of rumors today about Ari Fleischer. Where the hell has he been of late?


My money's on Ari as well. Some one has to take a bullet for the Chimper.


Ari?? ARI????? Ahhhhhh-RRRRRiiii?????? Have fainted. Cannot provide pithy comment.

[Post-smelling salts] I'm still woozy, but I gotta say that Ari's appointment would sound the death knell for any sort of fantasy meritocracy we pretend to be running over here. Gaw.


Yes, Ari's in there, he's the one who saw that memo on AF One. And that Wurmser guy. What better name for a squealer?

Meghan Townsend

WOW. I can't wait to see the folks finally paying the piper, lying in the beds they made, what have you.



KathyF, wait. Maybe I misunderstood. Is everyone saying that Ari's going to be indicted or that he's a shoo-in for Veep? Cos the former will make me do a jig, the latter make me my grave dig.

Meghan, woohoo! The cows are coming home, the chickens are roosting, and the fat lady's singing!


I'm on pins and needles. Which is so unfair because BushCo are the ones who should be getting stuck and pricked. C'mon, indictments! Hurry, hurry!



I meant that Ari will be indictied. Didn't read your original post closely enough.

My bad.

Sorry to have made you faint by mistake. Will endeavor to do it on purpose next time.


Agreed, Crabbi! I need these indictments like I need oxygen! But don't worry about the sticks and pricks -- I'm working my voodoo dolls over here.

handdrummer, no need to apologize. I'm often a little slow on the uptake. Looking forward to some positive fainting opportunities. Please feel free to send all faintworthy good news my way.

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