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Tuesday, 11 October 2005



Happy anniversary, ae! Sounds like you're both lucky ducks :)

PS I've been meaning to ask you this for a while now. Does it crack you up when commenters address you as "arse"? I just assumed the "a" is for Annabelle, Angela, Amy, Anita, Ariel - anything but "arse."

Erudite Redneck

What a tribute! :-)
(REO Speedwagon rocks.) ;-)


What a beautiful post, ae. thank you for sharing.


ae, you are lucky. Happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary! Wonderful tribute (I sure liked him when we were all together for your visit). And you're right--competence is a huge plus in a partner. So many adults are not grownups.

I don't know about that generational thing you talked about, though. I'm a different generation from you, and you-know-who and I email each other 20 times a day, and sometimes call. I just think there are different kinds of couples, and some are more companionable than others.


Thanks, crabbi! I've gotten used to being addressed as 'arse.' I signed up w/ Typepad listing that as my name, and now I am greeted everyday by Typepad w/ "Welcome, arse!" Ha! (On a bratty day, it could be fitting.)

ER, never let it be said that you do not have impeccable taste. Now, it's time for me to fly... ;-)

Thanks for dropping in, Laurelin, and thanks for your nice comment.

Thanks, David! 'Tis true.

Diane, companionable is exactly it. And, no, it doesn't seem right that it would be generational, though I wish I'd seen many more relationships that were "friendly" in older couples. Oftentimes those relationships seem so much more gender prescriptive. Ugh. Please give you-know-who our greetings! I think of our evening together often.

Chris Clarke

he's a lucky man.


What a gorgeous love letter. From the sound of it, I bet db could write you a similarly smashing one. Congratulations to you both, and happy (belated) anniversary!

Erin Monahan

Well, at the risk of sounding repetitious and completely uncreative... Happy Anniversary!

This is such a sweet heart-felt entry. Enjoyed it much.


Ron Hudson

Beautiful. You made me long for a special love of my own. Congratulations on finding your soulmate.


How lovely. You're very lucky, both of you! Mazel tov.


{{{{{ Chris }}}}}

schoolsmelt, long time no see! Thanks for your kind words. db's actions are love letter plenty!

Erin, thanks for dropping in and for your sweet wishes. =)

Ron, always good to see you. I hope you'll find someone who makes you happy, too. xoxo

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