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Friday, 24 March 2006



Parody is the only type of copyright use that is protected by law, other than what is protected by Fair Use, which can be quite confusing. Having had my copyrights violated a number of times by people who were outraged when I told them to stop, I am sensitive about this issue.

A very good friend of mine is the illustrator of a famous book which shall have to go unnamed. She and I had an idea for a parody of it, which we felt pretty sure would be popular and get a lot of publicity, since the book itself has gotten so much publicity. I was going to write it and she was going to illustrate. We had it figured out, and we knew we were protected by copyright parody law, but we didn't do it. My friend said the author of the original book would most definitely have a fit and sue us, and even though we would win, we would have to go through all that.


check out this article (http://www.slate.com/id/2138482/nav/tap1/) on how conservatives are losing their collective minds (continuing to lose that is) on the gay/straight issue.

Diane, I am craving an Abita Turbo Dog!!!


I love this parody! I just saw the photo and laughed. Reading your post I had other responses as well, sadness, anger, frustration, and happiness.

Thanks, as usual.


Diane, I would love to see your and your friend's book! Any chance you'll consider doing it? Though these issues are complicated, there are some "common sense" rules that apply, and it's very clear that this is more hysterical smoke-blowing from the hateful contingent. Grr.

db, thanks for the link! Cuckoo.

Dharma, sending you a hug, sweetie. Take heart. Righteousness and goodness will prevail (as my coach always told me). xo


No, ae, I am sort of willing to be sued, but my friend is not, and I fully understand that. Neither of us needs the hassle. It's just one of those good ideas that will have to stay in our heads.

And in all fairness, I understand how upset someone could become over having her work become the object of a parody.


Oh, and db, since you mention it, here's a reason for you to come back: Abita now has a new one--Restoration Ale, and it's probably my favorite of all of them. It was created to raise money post-Katrina, but instead of making it seasonal, they have added it to their permanent collection.


Diane, I fully understand not wanting or needing the hassle. Makes perfect sense. I'm just disappointed, because I know I would've loved it. And it makes sense, too, that one would not want what one takes seriously and worked hard at to be parodied; say, if one's intellectual output was reduced to its most absurd point. In the case of the hateful, though, we need to parody, satirize, outright mock, and debunk at will!

I know now that db will be trolling the beer distributors trying to find Abita Restoration Ale. It sounds like they've had success with it, and I'm happy to hear it. So much of the news out of NOLA is so heartbreaking. Your coverage is fantastic, I should say.


Thanks, a.e. There is much more news than I report, but if I reported it all, that would be all I did.

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